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Community Housing Construction

Community Housing Construciton Multi-unit Housing Construction

Community Housing is the fair, budget-friendly housing option for low to moderate income families. But that doesn’t mean the construction process can cut any corners.

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Concrete Road Way and Sidewalk Construction Services

Concrete Road Way Concrete Sidewalks

The most reliable Commercial Construction Contractors are those who understand why certain building materials are chosen over their alternatives, as well as the pros and cons of each.

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Concrete Flooring

Concrete Pouring Warehouse Flooring Concrete Flooring Concrete Slabs

Whether the structure is a retail space, factory, warehouse, or restaurant, a concrete floor is the ideal choice for several reasons.

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Warehouse Flooring - Slabs

Warehouse Flooring Slabs

It’s no secret – the floor of a warehouse takes a beating.
While damage can come from industrial machinery, everyday foot traffic, common abrasions, and even the unforeseen chemical spill, sealed concrete floors offer warehouse owners the best protection and the best price.

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Site Prep and Excavation Construction Services

Excavation Site Development Site Preparation demolition

Before the construction comes the demolition, excavation, and preparation.
For the last 10 years, Dayton-based organizations from small and midsize businesses to multi-site corporations have trusted ACL General Contracting to complete demolition, site prep, and excavation for commercial construction projects.

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Demolition Services


As the process of “reverse construction”, demolition requires highly skilled, well trained professionals to dispose of all wastes in order to mitigate any risks of contamination.

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Site Preparation, Site Development

Site Development Site Preparation Surveying Concrete Pouring

Before any commercial or residential construction begins, Site Prep has to be completed – a preliminary stage to guarantee that no mistakes are made that could lead to disaster as the project progresses.

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Excavation Services

Excavation Digging Dredging Site Development Trenching

Excavation is more than moving dirt around with heavy machinery.
Before the foundation can even be laid for the commercial or residential structure, what is not needed on-site has to go.
Depending on the type of structure under construction and its function, any of four different Excavation processes may be used:

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Commercial Concrete Construction SERVICES