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Concrete Road Way and Sidewalk Construction Services

Concrete Road Way Concrete Sidewalks

The most reliable Commercial Construction Contractors are those who understand why certain building materials are chosen over their alternatives, as well as the pros and cons of each.

That’s why ACL General Contracting constructs road ways and sidewalks using versatile, durable, cost-effective concrete.

Because concrete neutralizes natural threats like moisture and weeds, concrete offers a long life – and low maintenance – to any road or sidewalk laid with it.

In other words, concrete roads and sidewalks protect passengers and pedestrians from the ground-up.

Whether a concrete road has a high number of vehicles driving atop it or generally low traffic, chemical spills and fuel leaks cannot seep into the concrete. This protects the soil beneath from pollution, as well as the road itself from hazardous cracks caused by seepage.

In the same way, concrete ensures that foot traffic on sidewalks doesn’t compromise the walkway itself, leading to perilous uneven sections or ugly, unattractive cracks. Like concrete roads, concrete sidewalks can last 20 to 30 years with very little maintenance.

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